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Khatam Frames
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Khatam boxes
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Camel bone boxes
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Persian Miniatures was founded in november 2009.


After a third sightseeing trip to Iran in 2006, I felt the need to broaden my knowledge of the country, which motivated me to begin B.A. in Iranian Studies in Paris. Besides studying the language (farsi) and culture, I intended to meet new people and establish long-term connection with them. I also wanted my fellow Europeans to sample a little bit of the Iranian culture.
In 2009, I came up with an idea: starting an art and craft e-business with products from Iran. At that time, there were few stores dedicated to arts and crafts from that country.

In the first months of its existence, Persian Miniatures offered its customers miniatures and decorated camel bone boxes. As early as 2010, the online store started shipping abroad. I had ensured the website stood out in various search engines.

In the same year, after a trip to Uzbekistan, I introduced new products. These included miniatures from Bukhara and Tashkent. Iran and Uzbekistan do not have a commun border but share common cultural features. The themes represented on the miniatures often refer to the same works of classical literature.

These also included watercolors by Uzbek artist Ulughbek. I was fortunate enough to meet him near Bukhara; he was so quiet that I nearly missed him! In 2011, Ulughbek participated in the Watercolors Festival of Brioude (center of France). His attention to details and his artistic sensibility was applauded by both visitors and professionals from all over the world. Ulughbek took them on an unforgettable trip through the Silk Road cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva...

Uzbek painter Ulughbek
Watercolor class in France in 2011. Uzbek artist Ulughbek: "The painter is like the conductor of an orchestra." © Miniatures persanes

Khatam frames and boxes come from Iran. I had the opportunity to visit khatam manufacturing workshops in Esfahân. The manufacture of khatam requires manual dexterity and patience. Here are pictures of the visit.

The making of khatam frames
The making of a khatam frame. Several specialized craftsmen are involved in the process. © Miniatures persanes

Since 2015, the website sells enamelled copper pieces (minakari). The decoration of these pieces requires years of training. A few pictures help understand this artwork.

This enameled copper bowl is the artwork of Sara and Yousef, from Esfahân. © Miniatures persanes

Persian miniatures ships worldwide. For any enquiries, please contact us.

Call: + 33 9 52 29 52 86
Email: benedicte.heriard@miniaturespersanes.com



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